Stop the World (The Christmas Truce)


In 1914, during WWI on the Western Front, English and German troops paused the fight, making an unofficial Christmas truce on Christmas Eve that lasted through Christmas Day.

This song is a powerful telling of that story, written, sung, performed, and produced by Michael (MIDIhead) Babbitt.

Your purchase includes high quality audio in 48 kHz/24 bit .wav format. The following versions are included:

  • Stop the World – The Story of The Christmas Truce
  • Stop the World (The Christmas Truce) – Dawn’s Early Light Version
  • Stop the World (The Christmas Truce) – (instrumental)
  • Stop the World (The Christmas Truce) – Spes Aeterna Version
  • PDF with story and lyrics

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The Christmas Truce of 1914

On Christmas eve, 1914 in the damp, cold, and muddy trenches on the Western Front, British and German troops were in a face-off. A British machine gunner had this to say about the dire situation:  “Here I was, in this horrible clay cavity, …miles and miles from home. Cold, wet through and covered with mud.” There didn’t seem the slightest chance of leaving—except in an ambulance.”
He then recalled the moment that things took a dramatic turn…
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  1. Jefferson

    Powerful! Michael tells the story with emotion that is felt in the vocals. Chills!

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