Beating the Demons of 2020 and Beyond

In light of recent events there are so many emotions that I most certainly can relate to you with: Fear, uncertainty, shame, disappointment, anger, anxiety, and hopelessness, to name a few. With that, however comes so many different perspectives that I don’t wish to discuss, only that we all feel a sense of unease about the current state of the world, no matter our viewpoint. Having a discussion on how we solve this would undoubtedly bring up a litany of conflicting ideas.

Clearly we are not only a nation, but a world divided. You know where it goes from here if you’ve been paying attention to history. There must be a common foundation on which we stand, or we will fall, fighting for our own personal interests. I have seen no indication that we’re all going to come together to solve the most complex issues of our time, thus the latter is self-evident of our chosen, future demise. To ignore this is to live in a fantasy world.

To think humans alone have the capacity to solve our unique and various problems shows ignorance to the fact that it hasn’t worked this way for millennia. For me personally, having a faith and belief in a power higher than myself: A Father in Heaven, spiritual family (which includes you), and a greater purpose than this life alone, helps keep things in perspective. With that comes a checks and balance system that is universal and unchanging… not morally relative, or bending with the philosophies of the world, and as a result I have a higher expectation of myself.

This belief provides my center, my foundation to weather the storms of life, my compass in the wilderness, and my comforter through the pains that this mortality brings. It guides my decisions, my actions outwardly, my art, and all other things I say and do (OK, I am not batting 100 here, please forgive me, I am a work in progress). I am grateful to have this perspective, and know that no matter what comes or how dark things get, I am loved, YOU are loved, and that this life is not all there is.

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